Sometimes Your Child Just Makes You Say, "WTF?"

Tommy Moriarty
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"Mom! Michael's ear is bleeding!" shrieked Raida's fourteen-year-old daughter. Raida rushed downstairs to see blood trickling from her two-year-old son, Michael's, ear.Sometimes your child just makes you say, "WTF?"As a parent of four, Raida's experienced these moments many times. And in a big family, there always seems to be that one child prompting constant trips to the emergency room.

Every Parent's Worst Fear

As Raida looked at Michael, the memory of his first "WTF moment" flashed through her mind. One night, at nine-months-old, Michael was running a fever and throwing up non-stop; basically every mom's worst fear with a newborn. She explains, "As a mother, you're the problem-solver, the rock of the family. Whatever storm comes your way, it's your job to weather it, buckle down, and take care of your children."But in that moment years ago, Raida felt helpless as she waited in the emergency room. Finally, after an agonizing three-hour wait, the doctor saw Raida and her ailing son. His treatment advice was almost comical in its simplicity—keep nursing Michael and administer Tylenol every few hours."That's it? WTF?" Raida thought.So when Raida came across a Facebook ad for Blueberry Pediatrics, it seemed too good to be true. "A service that provides 24-hour doctor visits from home, along with all the necessary tools for regular check-ups on your children?" she thought, "Where has this been?"For years Raida consulted Mommy Facebook groups for healthcare advice, but of course, she found much of that advice less than sound, with parents providing confusing, conflicting, and sometimes just plain bad answers to her questions."Your child's problem is that they aren't vaccinated.""Your child's problem is that they are vaccinated.""Your child probably has lupus."But with Blueberry, Raida got to speak directly with a pediatrician; no wait time, no extra per-visit fees, no panic. Just answers. Furthermore, she gained the tools to check every vital her Primary Care Physician does with the Blueberry Home Medical Kit. ("I actually compared the two." she confessed.)So as Michael sat there, blood coming out of his ear, Raida didn't jump into full-blown crisis mode, herding all four of her children into the car to wait for hours at the E.R. Instead, she went "Super-mom Mode" and took a video of Michael's ear using the smart otoscope from her Home Medical Kit, started a visit with the doctor, and picked up antibiotics forty minutes later.Crisis averted. "WTF moment" solved.