Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really unlimited use?


Members can get as many online sick visits as they need- there are no limits on usage and there is absolutely no charge for anything after the $35/month subscription.

Blueberry members can also text with their Pediatricians as much as they like, 24/7, including sending in pictures and videos. We're there around the clock.

When can Blueberry Pediatrics help?

We can diagnose and treat many of the most common childhood issues over the phone, including:

  • Strep throat
  • Ear Infections
  • Sinus Infections
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Poison Ivy
  • Constipation
  • Common Cold
  • Pink Eye

This includes prescribing medication when necessary. You’d be surprised what we can handle without an in-person appointment! However, there are some issues for which we will recommend going in to see someone in-person. When we can’t handle an issue or if we think it is serious, we’ll let you know right away.

You can also text your Blueberry Pediatrician team 24/7 with any questions you have - no issue is too small. This is a great way to get advice on all kinds of topics:

  • Advice on sleep training
  • Tips on weaning
  • Advice on your children's diet
  • Advice on allergies
  • Tips when your child has bumps and bruises
  • Anything at all! You can even send images and videos through our secure app as well. It's like having a pediatrician in the family.
What is in the welcome kit?

All welcome kits contain:

  • 25x 15-minute strep throat tests (with instructions).
  • A digital Pulse Oximeter (used to take your child's pulse and oxygen levels).
  • Child's Liquid Acetominophen
  • Nasal Saline Spray
How much does Blueberry Pediatrics cost?

Blueberry Pediatrics costs $35 per month for your whole household, which includes everything:

  • Unlimited online sick visits.
  • Unlimited texting with pediatricians through our secure app.
  • Ability to send images & videos through our secure app.
  • Unlimited, 24/7 access regarding all of your children.
  • Welcome kit with diagnostic tools and some OTC medication.

There are no limits on usage and there is no charge for anything after the $35/month subscription.

How many children does the membership cover?

There is no limit - The $35/month covers any number of children for whom you are a parent or guardian.

How does Blueberry Pediatrics care for babies and infants?

If your children are under 2, think of us as the 'doctor in your family' - we're always there for you and will help as much as possible, but we might have to escalate in some cases. We'll help you to know when.

For instance, we can provide any kind of expert advice you'd like for caring for your child and answer any questions you may have. When your child is sick, we can help you determine if it is appropriate to go to an ER or urgent care center, or if it is something that we can handle.

When should I not use Blueberry Pediatrics?

If your child has an issue that is urgent or life threatening, you should always call 911. Blueberry Pediatrics is meant for regular childhood illnesses, not for emergency situations, such as:

  • Choking, difficulty breathing or turning blue
  • Head injuries or if your child is unconscious
  • Injury to neck or spine
  • Severe burns or deep wounds
  • Seizures that last more than 5 minutes
  • Heavy bleeding or bleeding that can’t be stopped
  • Severe allergic reaction with trouble breathing, swelling, hives
  • High fever with headache and stiff neck
  • Suddenly hard to wake up, too sleepy, confused
  • Suddenly not able to speak, see, walk, or move
  • Coughing or throwing up blood
  • Possible broken bone, or numb or weak body parts near an injury
  • Fast heartbeat that doesn’t slow down
  • Your child has been throwing up and now has a dry mouth
  • Your child is crying but there are no tears
  • Your child has not urinated in over 8 hours

Blueberry Pediatrics can also not be used for psychiatric care, as that kind of care works much better face-to-face.

Can I get Blueberry Pediatrics as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely! A lot of us know someone in our lives who could use a little extra help. Blueberry Pediatrics is a great gift - especially for new parents and working parents. When you sign up we can include a special message in the welcome kit from you.

How does Blueberry Pediatrics work with my insurance?

Since we don't do in-person visits, your insurance plan probably won't cover Blueberry Pediatrics (sorry, we wish it would).

Despite this, at $35/month the average family saves money by using Blueberry Pediatrics, because it reduces costs from in-person sick visits, urgent care visits and occasional ER visits. It especially makes sense if you have a high-deductible insurance plan and you aren't sure that you'll meet your deductible.

Also, many people can pay for Blueberry Pediatrics using a Flexible Savings Account (FSA).

Any other questions?
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