10 Ways Virtual Doctor Visits Can Help Your Family

Dr. Lyndsey Garbi
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What Can I Use Virtual Doctor Visits for with Blueberry Pediatrics?

Short answer - EVERYTHING!Yes, everything! You may be thinking, "Well, then why do I need my pediatrician?" You absolutely do need your regular pediatrician that you see for well-checks, vaccines, and other concerns. Blueberry's virtual doctor visits are an added layer of support for your urgent care and child rearing needs that save time, cost, and hours of worry.We can prevent unnecessary visits to the ER or urgent care since we are available all hours of the day or night (like that 2:00 a.m. fever spike!). Furthermore, you can reach us by text, phone, or video, and we'll typically respond within 10 minutes—and guarantee to respond in less than 45.

1. Those Small Accidents

Parent cutting their child's fingernails.

You're cutting your baby's fingernails when you make the mistake of snipping a piece of her skin, and now she's bleeding. No need to run to urgent care. Instead, text a Blueberry pediatrician through our app or website, send a picture of the injury, and we will give you instructions on how to best handle it!

2. Ear Pain

Child struggling with left ear pain.

Your daughter is complaining of left ear pain and has had a fever for 2 days. We've got you covered! Hook up the otoscope we send in your at-home diagnostic kit, video the inside of her ear, and send it over to us. We will make the diagnosis of an ear infection, send a prescription to your pharmacy, and you are good to go without leaving the comfort of your home!  Other companies don't use the technology that we provide in our kit, therefore they can not legally diagnose an ear infection.

3. Potty Training Problems

Toddler potty training.

Having trouble potty training? Just click to start a sick visit, type in that you need advice on potty training, and a Pediatrician will call you to discuss. They'll listen to your specific scenario, including what tactics you have tried, what works, what doesn't work, and what motivates your child. The doctor will then create a personally tailored plan in order to lead you to success.

4. Bee Stings

A bee coming to sting a child.

While playing outside, your daughter gets stung by a bee on her finger. This is a nerve-wracking scenario if it's the first or second time it happens to your child and you're not sure if she'll have an allergic reaction. You don't have to worry through it alone though– just take pictures of the sting and send it over to us. We will tell you what to look out for, what treatment you can use to avoid discomfort, let you know if everything looks okay, explain if it looks like a dangerous situation, and how to escalate if there is a true concern for a bad allergic reaction. If your daughter's finger starts to get more swollen, send an updated picture. If she starts to get itchy all over, message the doctor, and we can continue to guide you as the situation changes.

5. Monitoring Symptoms

An online doctor monitors her patient's symptoms.

Speaking of changing situations, kids don't just get better the minute you hang up the phone with the doctor. Their illnesses change, and their symptoms evolve over time. For instance, if your child is vomiting and was originally drinking fluids but has now stopped, we can continue to help you throughout all of it, even minute-to-minute if needed. You have a dedicated team of about 6 doctors who communicate with each other and will know exactly what is going on with your child, so you don't have to explain things all over again every time you speak to a Blueberry Pediatrician. Unlike other telemedicine services, your team of Pediatricians doesn't change. This is called continuity of care. You will always have the same doctors receiving your texts and calls. You will get to know them, and they will get to know you and your family.

6. Cuts and Scrapes

Child with a cut beneath their chin.

Uh-oh, your son fell on the concrete and has a cut beneath his chin. You end up in the dreaded situation of not knowing if stitches are needed for the injury. Blueberry Pediatricians are trained in urgent care, emergency room, and primary care matters. They can guide you through this stressful time and help you decide whether a trip to the emergency room is needed or not. Changing your entire day to make a trip to the emergency room only for the doctor to tell you the cut will heal on its own is no fun. We could tell you that in minutes without you leaving home– for any situation!

7. Rashes

A child struggles with a rash on his face.

What is that rash?! Diaper rashes, eczema, newborn rashes, allergic reactions, viral rashes, and the list goes on and on. Rashes can look very scary. Most of the time, they are relatively harmless and go away on their own, but having a doctor's eye on them can be super helpful to decrease the worry they cause. You just take a picture and send it over. A doctor will be able to tell you what the rash is, how it is likely to evolve, what may be causing it, and what treatments you can use for it.

8. Breastfeeding Concerns

A mother breastfeeds her child.

You're prescribed an antibiotic for your sinus infection, but you are breastfeeding and are unsure if you can continue to give your baby your milk while taking the medication. Our team is full of breastfeeding-experienced mom doctors, and we've got you covered. We can help you navigate any breastfeeding concerns, including clogged ducts, increasing breastmilk supply, and figuring out if your baby is getting enough to eat.

9. Fevers at 2 a.m.

The dreaded 2 a.m. fever when you are up all night with a cranky child and concerned because you don't know when it will end. It's not easy, and it can feel very lonely to be in this situation. However, you're not alone because we're here for you... even at 2 a.m.  Our doctors are online 24/7. We can walk you through what to look out for, what to do for the fever, dosages of fever-reducing medications, and tips to keep your child well-hydrated.

10. "Silly" Questions

Blueberry Pediatrics' telehealth service can answer many questions.

We'll answer that "silly" question when you want a more reliable answer than Google but don't want to make a trip to the pediatrician to ask. We don't believe any question is silly or small. It is all important! Babies are not born with manuals, and parents are not magically equipped with all the solutions to each new scenario they face as kids grow up. Text us your question. We want to hear from you and be here for you.

We are so glad we can be the access to pediatric advice that all parents deserve!