Pediatric Myths Part 2 - The Blueberry Med Minute

Dr. Lyndsey Garbi
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Time for some more pediatric myth debunking![embed][/embed]Transcript:Okay, let's continue our list for common myths within pediatrics. Last week we left off with a few and I'll continue with about three more.One, I should give medications for all fevers. Not completely true because if your kids running around totally fine running 103 104 fever I know it's scary, I know you feel compelled to do something about it, but you don't have to. They're totally fine if they feel fine. We say treat the patient, not the number. So treat the kid. If they're yucky on the couch not feeling well for sure, let's not let them be miserable, give them something.Two, my child should be seen in person every time they're sick. You have to trust yourself and use what you know is most comfortable to you, so if you feel like you need to be seen for that reassurance and to check on what's going on for sure do it. But can you manage a runny nose that's been there for a day, a fever for a few hours? Yeah, let's see where it goes. Not everything, in the beginning, turns out to be what you think it's going to be.Three, my child should eat every meal. When they're sick just like us, they feel yucky and don't really want to eat. That's totally fine. They will get their appetite back when they feel well, but you must keep them drinking at all times to keep them hydrated.