Pediatric Myths Part 1 - The Blueberry Pediatrics Med Minute

Dr. Lyndsey Garbi
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In these next two Med Minutes, Dr. Garbi will debunk common pediatric myths! Check out part 1 below.

Transcript:I'm going to use these next two med minutes to go through some common myths in pediatrics that I'm going to squash. Okay, let's start. One fevers are bad. Not all fevers are bad because it's everyone's body's way of mounting a response to whatever is causing the fever. So, it's helping the body to fight it off. Two, a temperature of 99 is a low-grade fever. That is not true. A fever is considered a temperature of 100.4 or greater. Three antibiotics are needed for most or all illnesses. Again, not true. Viruses are usually the cause of why our kids have those runny nose, cough, postnasal congestion, and antibiotics do not help fight those off.Antibiotics are wonderful, but they're for bacterial infections like strep infections or some kind of ear infections. Four green mucus requires antibiotics. That is not true green mucus, clear mucus, white mucus, all the same. Green does not indicate that a sickness is getting worse, that a child is more sick, or that antibiotics are needed.