"Oh My God, I Just Broke My Kid"

Tommy Moriarty
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After twenty-five years of being a mom, you think you'd have seen it all. Not necessarily.Denise Lopez, a mother of two sons in their twenties and a pair of three-year-old twins, found this out the hard way. An accident with her daughter taught Denise that she could still learn new tricks, and thankfully, Blueberry Pediatrics was there to teach them through an online doctor visit.

New Year's Eve Panic

It was New Year's Eve around 6:30 p.m. Denise had her hands literally full as she cooked dinner with one hand and tried to quell her daughter's latest tantrum with the other. According to Denise, "Gabby could throw a fit like nobody's business." When Gabby extended her arms, the universal "pick me up" sign, Denise tried to oblige, and that's when disaster struck.

"Oh my god, I just broke my kid!"

When Denise tried to grab Gabby, her daughter dropped all her weight at once. Immediately, Gabby started crying even harder while clutching her elbow. Then, Denise's husband sprinted into the room, her son watched with his mouth open, and Denise stood in the middle of the panic, unsure of what had just happened.  Recalling the event, Denise said, "Essentially, we were all having a moment." She thought, "Oh my god, I just broke my kid!"To make matters worse, Denise's family lives in a small town in California. The nearest children's hospital is an hour away, and she knew an E.R. trip would cost thousands of dollars. That's when a lightbulb went off in Denise's head. She signed up for Blueberry months earlier and hadn't used it since her initial visit. She figured this would be a perfect time to test out the service."Worst case, I would talk to a doctor, and they'd tell me to go to the E.R."

Online Visits To The Rescue

To her surprise, Denise's online doctor visit was much more helpful than she imagined possible. As it turns out, she had not broken her daughter. Gabby was suffering from a prevalent injury known as nursemaid's elbow, and a quick maneuver fixes is it. The doctor was able to walk Denise through it, and her visit only took minutes.

"Sometimes, you just feel like you're cattle, but this was different."

Denise loved how understanding the doctor was and how no judgment was passed. Furthermore, the follow-up call she received made Denise feel truly cared for in a way that an urgent care or the E.R. doesn't always offer."Sometimes, you just feel like you're cattle, but this was different."

What Parents Should Know About Blueberry

Denise said her Blueberry Pediatrics membership was the best $18 she'd ever spent. The ease-of-use Blueberry offers made it worth it in just one visit. Additionally, if this happened during a normal year, Denise might not have been anywhere near a hospital because her family usually vacations during holidays. Having Blueberry in her pocket when she needed was like "having a flashlight with batteries."If you'd like to join Denise and the thousands of other parents who use Blueberry Pediatrics, click the link below and signup! The doctor is waiting for you, not the other way around.