Is My Child's Daycare Clean? 8 Questions to Ask

Dr. Lyndsey Garbi
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Welcome back to the Blueberry Med Minute, where once a week you’ll learn something new from Dr. Lyndsey Garbi. Today Dr. Garbi is sharing some great tips on how to know whether your child's school or daycare is keeping covid-clean.

Transcript:Having corona on our mind kind of just raises the idea about hygiene and how we can optimize that in our homes and in child care settings, like schools and other facilities like daycares. So these are the questions you should be asking when inquiring about how they're doing with their hygiene:

  1. Are there sinks in every room?
  2. Are there separate sinks for preparing food and washing hands?
  3. Where are the diaper changing tables and are they using the same sinks for that?
  4. Are toilets and sinks readily available for children and staff?
  5. Are disposable paper towels being used so they're not sharing towels between kids?
  6. Are toys that the infants and toddlers may be putting in their mouths being sanitized before the next child plays with it?
  7. Are all the doors, cabinet handles, drinking fountains which hopefully they're not using actually at the moment, surfaces like where toileting, diapering, are those cleaned and disinfected every single day?
  8. And are the staff and children fully immunized especially against the flu?

These are great questions to be asking to make sure that you are ensuring your kid is in a safe environment.