Halloween and Covid – Med Minute
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Halloween and Covid – Med Minute

Dr. Lyndsey Garbi
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Welcome back to the Blueberry Med Minute, where once a week you’ll learn something new from our Chief Pediatrician, Dr. Lyndsey Garbi. Today Dr. Garbi shares her thoughts on staying safe from covid during Halloween.


A huge question as parents have now is how to stay safe during halloween, yet be able to let our kids  trick-or-treat and enjoy the holiday.

For the most part it seems like a pretty benign holiday because  they’re outdoors, and hopefully they can even wear masks and in case they get close to other kids. The biggest question on my mind is how are they going to get the candy- are they going up to doors? Are they ringing doorbells and touching the same place where everyone else is putting their finger? Putting their hand in the same basket as everybody else? And then how they all huddle up in that one little spot, and then seeing the person who is answering the door and are they going to be wearing a mask and what are their safety precautions? So we don’t know. That’s the one thing that kind of bothers me about halloween and trick-or-treating.

I think the best thing to do is discuss it with your community. Maybe one good solution is to have a scavenger hunt, or do something in your backyard or have a gathering of kids that you’re in school with already so you’re already a pod, and stay outdoors and have a fun costume party. Another great idea i’ve seen is to have candy laid out on the lawn even if you attach them to skewers taped and just stick them in the lawn separately. Or lay it out that’s just fine if you don’t want to take the time I will do that I’ll just lay it out and that way it avoids everyone congregating in the one area and sticking their hand in the bucket to get what they want.

Another thing to look out for is trying to get healthy candy for your kids this halloween.  There are some options that are healthier than your general Snickers bar, so check out my other article for some ideas!