Flu Shots – The Blueberry Pediatrics Med Minute

by Dr. Lyndsey Garbi | October 3, 2020
Flu Med Minute

Welcome back to the Blueberry Med Minute, where once a week you’ll learn something new from our Chief Pediatrician, Dr. Lyndsey Garbi. Today Dr. Garbi shares her thoughts on flu shots.


Hey, it’s Dr. Garbi and I’m back with another Med Minute.

This time, let’s talk about the flu and flu shots. The flu season is now slowly creeping up on us and flu shots are being offered to us and our kids. I highly recommend the flu shot this season. Hopefully transmission will be reduced because we’re wearing masks—and I hope we’re all wearing masks—however, there’s still a risk of getting it, of transmitting it to somebody else, and the flu shot will help reduce that chance and reduce the severity should you get it.

We’re also stressed out with COVID as is, and we know that someone can have both COVID and another virus on top of that at the same time, so why take the chances? I definitely think that every kid should be getting a flu shot this season.

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