How Blueberry Pediatrics Works
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How Blueberry Pediatrics Works

24/7 Access to Pediatricians + The Most Modern Technology = Unparalleled Pediatric Care

Blueberry Pediatrics combines the latest at-home medical technology with 24/7 access to a team of pediatricians via your smartphone or computer. The result is a new, forward-thinking, easily accessible and affordable type of online pediatric service that helps you avoid typical office sick visits and urgent care centers.
Creating your account only takes a few minutes
Blueberry Pediatrics starts providing care the instant you create your account:
Create your account and fill out your children’s health history so your Pediatric team can personalize your family’s care.
Blueberry sends your testing toolkit immediately so you have everything you need to care for your children at home.
We will set up your intro call at your convenience with Blueberry’s pediatric team to review the toolkit and answer all of your questions.
Once you're signed up, it's like having a Pediatrician on speed-dial:

Need Medical treatment? Just start an online visit and talk directly to a Pediatrician

Worried that your child is ill or needs medication? Our pediatricians can help immediately with an online doctor visit - no appointment necessary and no additional costs. Our online visits help you avoid the costs and pains of urgent cares or ERs as well as typical sick visits.
Blueberry online visits make it easy to find out what is ailing your child:
Answer a few questions about your child’s symptoms.
Use the testing toolkit and securely send images or videos to your Pediatrician.
Your Pediatric team will call back to discuss your symptoms and develop a customized treatment plan.
Blueberry’s care doesn’t stop after the call
Help! Should I be worried about Parker's rash? It showed up about a day ago.
No need to worry - since Parker had a cold earlier this week, this is likely hives caused by a virus. You should apply a topical benedryl or hydrocortisone as needed.
Let me know if the rash changes - if it moves to another area we may need to put Parker on a prescription cream.
Thank you! That's a relief.
Let me know if you have any additional concerns!

Have additional questions? Your pediatric team is a message away

Whether you need clarification of the treatment plan or something new has popped up, your pediatric team is available via our secure messaging feature.
Messaging your Blueberry pediatric team is also a great way to ask day-to-day questions about things like allergies, development, or nutrition. Whatever your question may be, big or small, we are here to help.
The Blueberry Pediatrics Testing Toolkit brings the pediatrician's office to you.

A doctor's office in-a-box

Along with secure images and videos from your smartphone or computer, our easy-to-use testing kit enables our pediatricians to receive the same vitals and medical information as a standard in-person exam. This means you are getting the same quality care as you’d expect from a visit to an urgent care center or doctor’s office.
What is included in the testing kit?
Smart Otoscope
The smart otoscope is a flexible, tiny camera that makes it easy to take photos and videos inside your child's ears, nose, or throat. Your pediatric team uses these to diagnose and treat ear infections and other issues.
Finger Pulse Oximeter
Just put the pulse oximeter on your child's finger and it will accurately measure heartrate and oxygen levels, giving you and your pediatrician valuable information about your child's health.

Become a member and get unparalleled pediatric care

Unlimited online visits with a pediatrician
24/7 access, anytime/anywhere
Free, easy-to-use medical testing kit worth $80
Coverage for all of your children
Securely send images and videos
Customized written treatment plan for every call
Become a member for $15/month