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Call, Text, or Video Directly with a Pediatrician, 24/7

Once signed up, we're available 24/7 for anything, big or small.

Message your team of pediatricians like you would your family or friends. No more phone trees. No more waiting on hold for hours. No more trying to convince a nurse to escalate your call. With Blueberry, you’ll always get connected with a Pediatrician within minutes.

Over 80% of the Time?

Over 80% of Blueberry calls completely eliminate the need to go into a doctor’s office, allowing parents to get diagnosis, treatment, and advice without leaving home.

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Sick kid? Here’s How You Handle it with Blueberry

No two visits are exactly the same, but here’s a look at a common Blueberry visit.

2:00 AM

Child Wakes Up with a Fever

Easily Request a Visit on Your Phone

Instead of getting dressed and preparing for a late night at urgent care, simply request a doctor visit through the Blueberry app. Using your home medical kit, you can even send images and vitals with your request, so your pediatrician has the same diagnostic information he would get in an in-person exam room.

2:08 AM

Speak to a Doctor

A Knowledgeable, Caring Pediatrician Contacts You

No one wants a sleepless night spent worrying about a sick kid, so most parents hear from their Blueberry pediatric team within 10 minutes of the initial visit request. Your friendly, board-certified pediatrician will happily answers all your questions, big and small. We’re here to give you peace of mind, so ask us whatever you want, as often as you want, no matter how minor it might seem.

2:15 AM

Get Diagnosis & Treatment

A Plan, Prescription, or Simply Peace of Mind

Whether it’s a minor question, full treament, or, in rare cases, a serious enough situation to warrant an emergency room visit, you’ll have answers immediately, eliminating the worry, confusion, and frustration of long waits and endless automated phone systems. Now your whole family can go back sleep knowing you got top-level care without ever getting out of your pajamas.

Less Than 10 Minutes

That’s how quickly the majority of parents hear back from their Blueberry pediatrician after requesting a visit. Compare that to the average wait time at urgent care - almost two hours!

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What Do We Treat?

Your Blueberry pediatric team can diagnose and treat a wide variety of ailments, saving you from expensive trips to the doctor’s office for common issues like colds, fevers, and allergies.

Colds & Fevers

Runny Nose

Ear Infections

Stomach & GI Issues

Breast Feeding

Cuts & Scrapes



Stings & Bites

Sleep Issues

Growth & Development

…and more!

Did You Know?

Doctors aren’t allowed to treat ear infections without seeing the child’s tympanic membrane, which is why the digital otoscope included in your home medical kit is such a game-changer for pediatric telemedicine.

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What Parents are Saying

5-Star Ratings for Service & App
“I used Blueberry Pediatrics for the first time last night, and it was great! The doctor confirmed my daughter had an ear infection using the kit and had a prescription sent to my pharmacy.”
Ashley A

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Blueberry’s membership is $18 per month or $144 per year ($12/month) for all of the children in the family - less than the cost of a single urgent care visit!
Membership Includes
What's included?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Blueberry cost?
Blueberry's membership costs $15 per month, plus a one-time enrollment fee of $100. The membership covers everything - no matter how much you use blueberry or how many childen you have, you'll never be charged additional fees.

However, for a limited time, the enrollment fee is only {{rate_enrollment_fee}} - don't let it expire!

Blueberry's membership is month-to-month; there are no monthly or annual commitments.
Does a membership cover only one child?
Your Blueberry membership covers all of the children in your household - you won't need to pay a membership fee for each child.
If I sign up for Blueberry but don't like it, can I get a refund?
Although we would be sorry we didn't meet your expectations, you can be refunded if you were unhappy with our service. You can contact [email protected] and they will work with you to get a refund.
Can I cancel my Blueberry membership?
While we would be sad to see you go, you can easily cancel your membership online at any time online via your account page. There are no complicated hoops to jump through or phone calls you have to make.
Can Blueberry Pediatricians prescribe medications like antibiotics?
Yes, when deemed medically necessary Blueberry Pediatricians are able to write prescriptions and send them to your pharmacy of choice.

If your child has a Medicaid-based health insurance plan, it will not cover the cost of prescriptions from our doctors (except for in the state of Florida). This is because Medicaid only covers prescriptions from "in-network" physicians.
What can Blueberry Pediatrics treat or help with?
Blueberry can help with and treat many symptoms and childhood illnesses:
Sinus infections
Ear infections
Pink Eye
Runny Nose
General questions
Cuts / Scrapes
Abdominal Pain
Stings / bug bites
UTIs *
Strep **
And more
Blueberry is not a replacement for your primary care provider, and recommends you go to your child’s PCP for:
Wellness visits
Chronic condition management
ADHD management
Specialist referrals
* Blueberry Pediatricians will order urine culture for labs, which can be used to treat UTIs. Blueberry can provide up to 90% discounts for these labs. ** Blueberry Pediatricians will treat strep if an at-home rapid strep test is positive. Contact support to get recommendations on at-home rapid strep tests.
Can I gift a Blueberry membership to someone?
Absolutely! You can purchase a Blueberry membership by going to https://blueberrypediatrics.com/blueberry-gift-cards/.