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Pediatric care at a moment's notice

With Blueberry’s home exam kit, unlimited 24/7 access, and $0 visits, a Pediatrician is always just a text away.
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Skip the waiting room, & the fees

Real vitals & exams at home

Examine ears, nose, throat, skin, and record vitals like oxygen level, heartrate, and temperature - just like in a doctor’s office.

Real Pediatricians

Get diagnosis, prescriptions, and even school notes 24/7 in minutes from Board-certified Pediatricians. You can even text your Pediatric team for a quick opinion or question.

Real affordable

With Blueberry there are no visit fees, no after hour fees, and no copays (no kidding!) So you never have to worry if a call is going to cost you or not. An entire year of unlimited care with Blueberry is less than a single urgent care visit!
"I don’t know where to start. It could be the epic service, or the wonderful doctors... how about the fact that I’m tearfully grateful right now, because my lil guy has a fever at 10:30 at night and I can ask a pediatrician for help. This is awesome and I hope every mom can get it."
Xavi W

A Pediatrician is always just a text away

Open the app & answer a few quick questions about your child’s symptoms
Send requested images, video, and vitals to your team of Pediatricians
Get a diagnosis, presription when appropriate, and school notes in minutes, 24/7
"They are amazing!! If you have kids then you need this service. I did a visit for my 9 month old and they told me he was struggling to breathe. When I got him to the er his o2 was 79. It was a life saver that day."
Sydney T

Compassionate Care that covers most common conditions

Blueberry’s home exam kit can care for more conditions than any other online service, saving you time, money, and worry.

Colds & Fevers

Runny Nose

Ear Infections

Stomach & GI Issues

Breast Feeding

Cuts & Scrapes



Stings & Bites

Sleep Issues

Growth & Development

…and more!
"I highly recommend blueberry. The doctors are very kind and supportive. You can start a visit at any time of the day. They are fast to respond. And also I like how I don’t have to start a new visit if I need to update the doctors. I can simply message them about it. And send pictures in the message. I love how they follow up the next day to see how my little ones are feeling."
Ashley A

Cost of a Blueberry visit

Never worry if a call is going to cost you or not. With Blueberry there are no visit fees, no after hour fees, no copays - no kidding.
Blueberry Pediatrics
per visit
with or without insurance
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Join Blueberry

Blueberry’s membership is $18 per month or $144 per year ($12/month) for all of the children in the family - less than the cost of a single urgent care visit!
Membership Includes
What's included?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Blueberry cost?
Blueberry's membership costs $15 per month, plus a one-time enrollment fee of $100. The membership covers everything - no matter how much you use blueberry or how many childen you have, you'll never be charged additional fees.

However, for a limited time, the enrollment fee is only {{rate_enrollment_fee}} - don't let it expire!

Blueberry's membership is month-to-month; there are no monthly or annual commitments.
Does a membership cover only one child?
Your Blueberry membership covers all of the children in your household - you won't need to pay a membership fee for each child.
If I sign up for Blueberry but don't like it, can I get a refund?
Although we would be sorry we didn't meet your expectations, you can be refunded if you were unhappy with our service. You can contact [email protected] and they will work with you to get a refund.
Can I cancel my Blueberry membership?
While we would be sad to see you go, you can easily cancel your membership online at any time online via your account page. There are no complicated hoops to jump through or phone calls you have to make.
Can Blueberry Pediatricians prescribe medications like antibiotics?
Yes, when deemed medically necessary Blueberry Pediatricians are able to write prescriptions and send them to your pharmacy of choice.

If your child has a Medicaid-based health insurance plan, it will not cover the cost of prescriptions from our doctors (except for in the state of Florida). This is because Medicaid only covers prescriptions from "in-network" physicians.
What can Blueberry Pediatrics treat or help with?
Blueberry can help with and treat many symptoms and childhood illnesses:
Sinus infections
Ear infections
Pink Eye
Runny Nose
General questions
Cuts / Scrapes
Abdominal Pain
Stings / bug bites
UTIs *
Strep **
And more
Blueberry is not a replacement for your primary care provider, and recommends you go to your child’s PCP for:
Wellness visits
Chronic condition management
ADHD management
Specialist referrals
* Blueberry Pediatricians will order urine culture for labs, which can be used to treat UTIs. Blueberry can provide up to 90% discounts for these labs. ** Blueberry Pediatricians will treat strep if an at-home rapid strep test is positive. Contact support to get recommendations on at-home rapid strep tests.
Can I gift a Blueberry membership to someone?
Absolutely! You can purchase a Blueberry membership by going to https://blueberrypediatrics.com/blueberry-gift-cards/.