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Your Personal Pocket Pediatrician

Unlimited Visits for Only $18 a Month.
No Copays. No Extra Fees. No Gimmicks.
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Why Blueberry?

No Fees

There are never any extra fees or copays, no matter how often you use it, or how many children are in your household.

No Waiting

On average, you’ll talk to a Blueberry pediatrician within 8 minutes, and never more than 45 minutes. All without leaving the house.

No Limits

Blueberry isn’t just for illnesses. You can ask about anything—from breast feeding & sleep training, to growth & development questions. Never use WebMD again!
“Blueberry has been amazing! I love this app.”
- Sara M.

Blueberry's Trusted by:

Yahoo Finance
Verywell Health
Red Tricycle
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A Toddler and a Top Knot

How it Works

Sick Kid? Here's How Easy it is With Blueberry

2:00 AM

Child Wakes Up with a Fever

Easily Request a Visit on Your Phone

Instead of getting dressed and preparing for a late night at urgent care, simply request a doctor visit through the Blueberry app. Using your home medical kit, you can even send images and vitals with your request, so your pediatrician has the same diagnostic information he would get in an in-person exam room.

2:08 AM

Speak to a Doctor

A Knowledgeable, Caring Pediatrician Contacts You

No one wants a sleepless night spent worrying about a sick kid, so most parents hear from their Blueberry pediatric team within 10 minutes of the initial visit request. Your friendly, board-certified pediatrician will happily answers all your questions, big and small. We’re here to give you peace of mind, so ask us whatever you want, as often as you want, no matter how minor it might seem.

2:15 AM

Get Diagnosis & Treatment

A Plan, Prescription, or Simply Peace of Mind

Whether it’s a minor question, full treament, or, in rare cases, a serious enough situation to warrant an emergency room visit, you’ll have answers immediately, eliminating the worry, confusion, and frustration of long waits and endless automated phone systems. Now your whole family can go back sleep knowing you got top-level care without ever getting out of your pajamas.

Better Care for Less

Cheaper and more convenient than Urgent Care
  Blueberry Pediatrics Urgent Care / ER Other Telemed Providers
Per-Visit Fees $0 $200 $50-$150
Average wait times 5-10 Minutes* 2-3 Hours 1+ Hour
Medical advice & treatment
After-hours care
Provide prescriptions
Treatment without leaving the house  
Talk directly to a Pediatrician, 24/7    
Never any additional fees    
5-star customer service    
Covers all children in household    

*The large majority of our wait times are less than 10 minutes, and we guarantee that you'll never wait longer than 1 hour to speak to a doctor.

“Every parent should be using Blueberry.”
- Tom J.

Your Home Medical Kit

It's an "Exam Room in a Box"

Ear Infection Kit

HD Digital Smart Otoscope

Did you know doctors aren't allowed to treat an ear infection unless they visually look at the tympanic memebrane? That's why the Ear Infection Kit included in The Blueberry Home Medical Kit is so critical. The included smart otoscope is a flexible, tiny camera that makes it easy to take photos and videos inside your child's ears, nose, or throat, and transmits it to your pediatric team to diagnose and treat ear infections and other issues.

Finger Pulse Oximeter

Fast, Easy, & Accurate

Knowing pulse rate and oxygen levels is a key step in any medical diagnosis. With the easy-to-use Finger Pulse Oximeter, you just place it on your child's finger to accurately measure heart rate and oxygen levels, quickly giving you and your pediatrician valuable information about your child's health.

Forehead Thermometer

Instant Non-invasive Temperature

This infrared digital thermometer accurately provides readings in just 1 second by placing it on your child's forehead, making it extremely easy to get anyone's temperature, from newborns to teenagers.

What do we Treat?

From Common Illnesses to Parenting Concerns,
Your Blueberry Team is Here to Help

Colds & Fevers

Runny Nose

Ear Infections

Stomach & GI Issues

Breast Feeding

Cuts & Scrapes



Stings & Bites

Sleep Issues

Growth & Development

…and more!

What Parents are Saying

5-Star Ratings for Service & App
“I used Blueberry Pediatrics for the first time last night, and it was great! The doctor confirmed my daughter had an ear infection using the kit and had a prescription sent to my pharmacy.”
Ashley A
January 14, 2021
“Every parent should be using Blueberry.”
- Tom J.

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