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Unlimited 24/7 pediatric visits. Ranked #1 for online pediatric care by Verywell Health.
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Why you should join Blueberry

A lab in your

Handle more illnesses from home by examining ears, nose, throat, skin, heartrate, temperature and oxygen levels - just like in a doctor’s office.

Access to qualified Pediatricians

Get diagnoses, prescriptions, and school notes 24/7 in minutes from Board-Certified pediatricians. You can even text your Pediatric team for a quick opinion or question.


There are no visits fees, no after hour fees, and no copays - so you never have to worry about the cost of care. An entire year of unlimited care with Blueberry is less than the cost of a single urgent care visit!

Why parents love Blueberry

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How Blueberry works

  • 1
    Open the app & answer a few quick questions about your child's symptoms
  • 2
    Send your child's relevant vitals, ear exam, or photos/video securely via our app
  • 3
    Within minutes, you'll speak with a pediatrician! You'll get a diagnosis, prescription (when appropriate) and doctor's note - even if it is the middle of the night.
Colds & Fevers
Ear Infections
Cuts & Scrapes
Stomach & 
GI Issues
Stings & Bites
Sleep Issues
Eye Irritation
Colds & Fevers
Ear Infections
Cuts & Scrapes
Stomach & 
GI Issues
Stings & Bites
Sleep Issues
Eye Irritation
Blueberry helps with these symptoms and more!

What's included

  • Unlimited 24/7 care
    Get help with anything, big or small
  • Wireless ear scope
    Perform at-home ear/nose/throat exams
  • Pulse oximeter
    Assess heartrate, oxygen, and breathing
  • Oral thermometer
    Quick, and with a flexible tip -just in case you don't have one at home
  • Forehead thermometer
    Annual Memberships Only
    1-second readings and easy to use
  • Digital Rx savings card
    Save up to 80% on medications
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How much can Blueberry save my family?

Families save $281 per year on average in copays and unexpected bills by becoming Blueberry members! That's because with Blueberry, there are no visit fees, no after hour fees, and no copays - no kidding! Never worry about whether or not a call with a Pediatrician is going to cost you.
per visit
with or without insurance
compared to:
Provided Telemedicine
per visit
per visit
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