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The Perfect Gift for Parents

From fevers and rashes to questions on development and breastfeeding, being a parent is full of moments of worry and stress. By gifting a Blueberry membership to the moms and dads in your life, you’re effectively giving them comfort, peace of mind, and a higher level of protection for their children with 24/7 direct access to board-certified pediatricians that they can call, video chat, or message with as often as they want, for any reason, big or small. We’re their personal pocket pediatrician!

Each Gift Card Purchase Includes

Digital Ear Scope
Touchless forehead thermometer
Finger pulse oximeter
Flexible tip oral thermometer
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Over 80% of the Time?

Over 80% of Blueberry calls completely eliminate the need to go into a doctor’s office, allowing parents to get diagnosis, treatment, and advice without leaving home.

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What Do We Treat?

Your Blueberry pediatric team can diagnose and treat a wide variety of ailments, saving you from expensive trips to the doctor’s office for common issues like colds, fevers, and allergies.

Colds & Fevers

Runny Nose

Ear Infections

Stomach & GI Issues

Breast Feeding

Cuts & Scrapes



Stings & Bites

…and more!

Less Than 10 Minutes

That’s how quickly the majority of parents hear back from their Blueberry pediatrician after requesting a visit. Compare that to the average wait time at urgent care - almost two hours!

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Better Care for Less

When compared to office visits & urgent care, Blueberry saves the average family $200-300 per year in medical costs.

  Blueberry Pediatrics Urgent Care / ER Other Telemed Providers
Per-Visit Fees $0 $200 $50-$150
Average wait times 5-10 Minutes* 2-3 Hours 1+ Hour
Medical advice & treatment
After-hours care
Provide prescriptions
Treatment without leaving the house  
Talk directly to a Pediatrician, 24/7    
Never any additional fees    
5-star customer service    
Covers all children in household    

*The large majority of our wait times are less than 10 minutes, and we guarantee that you'll never wait longer than 1 hour to speak to a doctor.

Did You Know?

Doctors aren’t allowed to treat ear infections without seeing the child’s tympanic membrane, which is why the digital otoscope included in your home medical kit is such a game-changer for pediatric telemedicine.

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As Seen On

Blueberry has been featuerd in a number of parenting articles and websites.

What Parents are Saying

"I used Blueberry Pediatrics for the first time last night, and it was great! The doctor confirmed my daughter had an ear infection using the kit and had a prescription sent to my pharmacy."
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