Meet our Pediatricians

Dr. Lyndsey
Chief Pediatrician

Lyndsey is a board certified pediatrician and neonatologist. As both a mother and doctor, she understands the concerns that parents have over the medical needs of their children and believes quick and easy access should be available to everyone. She completed Medical School at Sackler University.

Dr. Sari

Sari brings a lifetime of passion for sharing her knowledge with others and caring for children. She is board certified in both pediatrics and pediatric gastroenterology, and received her medical degree from the School of Medicine at Sackler University.

Prior to Blueberry Pediatrics, Sari cared for the underserved inner-city areas of New York City. She has a talent for simplifying the complexities of medicine for both parents and physicians alike, and has won numerous teaching awards.

Meet our Team

Dr. Jonathan
Founder/Chief Medical Officer

Jonathan is father of two and a practicing cardiologist and a fellow of the American College of Cardiology; he’s board certified in Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Vascular Interpretation, Nuclear Medicine, and Echocardiography. He has experience running numerous clinical studies to determine efficacy of medical technologies. Jonathan is dedicated to patient health and making healthcare more effective.

Founder / CTO

Sean worked as a software engineering technical lead at Google, where he founded an engineering team to research how to improve user experience across the web. Sean has a strong background in creating robust software from scratch as well as web-based applications. He graduated from Duke University with a BS in Computer Science.

Founder / CEO

Harrison managed products at Microsoft and Google with multi-billion dollar revenues. He also co-founded the edtech company Blendspace, which was acquired by TES. As a member of a medical family (7 family members are healthcare professionals), he was always covered by doctors he could call for help, any time of the day. Blueberry Pediatrics is his way of extending that experience to everyone. He graduated from Northwestern University with a BS in Computer Engineering.