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Modern health & wellness benefits for kids and busy parents

Save money on unnecessary medical care while also providing a concierge-style healthcare experience for families

Adult-focused telemedicine isn’t working for parents

8 out of 10 parents distrust doctors not trained in pediatrics to care for their children

Without that trust, parents seek out more expensive forms of care, including urgent cares and ERs, or wait days to have their children seen.

Adult-focused telemedicine platforms refer kids to ER more

Telemedicine platforms hire doctors that are not trained in pediatrics, resulting in significantly higher referrals to urgent care and ER for children

Blueberry Pediatrics is the perfect addition to adult-focused telemedicine benefits.

It can close the care gap, reduce absences, and save money for busy parents on your team.

How does Blueberry work?

Need to talk to a Pediatrician? Just text Blueberry

Parents can chat, call, or video with board-certified Pediatricians, 24/7. We make getting care as easy as chatting with a friend!
Blueberry provides care within minutes, on-demand - there are no appointments or waiting hours for care or triage.
By making access to care as convenient as texting, Blueberry keeps everyone home - saving families time and saving employers money.
Dr. Sandra Wells
white wave
Should I be worried about Parker's rash?
illustrated image of a rash
Hi! This looks like hives caused by a virus. You can apply a topical hydrocortisone as needed.
Let me know if the rash changes and we can modify treatment
Thank you! That's a relief.
Let me know if you have any additional concerns!

Blueberry’s at-home medical kit turns any home into a pediatrician's office

Families get at-home medical devices that collect the same vitals and perform the same exams as a pediatrician's office, eliminating the need for urgent care and ER visits.

Families get continuous support for their children, not just 15 minutes when they’re sick

From breastfeeding and child development to ear infections and strep throat, parents can contact blueberry for anything and get as much time as they need, not just 15 minutes on video.

Blueberry's results speak for themselves

Visits triaged away from Urgent care and ER
Saved per unnecessary ER visit handled by Blueberry
Monthly population engagement

Support your team and their families while ALSO saving healthcare costs

Schedule a demonstration of Blueberry and receive more information - you can also get a complimentary personal membership to try Blueberry for yourself.

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