Cell Phone Radiation

Welcome back to the Blueberry Med Minute, where once a week you’ll learn something new from our Chief Pediatrician, Dr. Lyndsey Garbi. Today Dr. Garbi shares some tips on reducing exposure to the radiation from cell phones.


Hey! Last med minute I talked about cell phone safety and actually found some extra information that might be really useful. So if you plan to watch a movie on a device, you should download it and then switch it to airplane mode so you can avoid any unnecessary radiation exposure.  Actually, i’ve had the habit of changing into airplane mode as soon as I get home so that my phone isn’t constantly looking for signal elsewhere and we’re just using the wi-fi.

What also helps is to avoid making calls in cars, elevators, trains, buses because the cell phone is  working harder to get a signal through the metal and the power level increases which could potentially expose you to more radiation.


Cell Phone Safety – The Blueberry Pediatrics Med Minute