Ten Simple Strategies to Help Your Baby Develop Speech

How to develop speech in babies

Our babies start communicating with us from the moment they’re born. First with cries, then with coos and gestures. But we all long for the day they start speaking to us. While we cannot rush them on this journey, we can certainly encourage their language development and provide an environment that makes learning speech fun.  …


Baby Talking Milestones: A Guide for Parents With Kids Aged 1-2 Years Old

baby talking milestones

Hearing your baby utter his or her first word is a magical moment, for both of you! But when is that supposed to happen? And what happens next?  The period between ages one and two is an exciting time in your child’s overall development, but especially when it comes to speech and language. In this …


When Are Babies Supposed to Talk? 3 Times Parents Shouldn’t Panic!

when are babies supposed to talk

From the moment your baby is born, you start waiting for the moment when you will hear your baby’s first words. Cooing turns into babbling and you think that the moment is near. Soon, you see that other children of the same age are confidently saying “mama” and “dada” and you start to wonder. When …

bowel movement, Diarrhea

The Real Scoop on Diarrhea

By: Dr. Lyndsey Garbi and Mollie Lobl Everybody poops, but how many bowel movements per day is considered normal for my child? The answer varies by age. Babies often have more than four bowel movements per day, and by age two, most children will have one soft but solid bowel movement per day. Every child …

Eczema, skin

What do you if you think your child has eczema?

Itchy, flaky, dry skin: it’s uncomfortable and painful, and something no one wants to watch their child experience. Often, this is caused by a condition called atopic dermatitis, more commonly known as eczema. We don’t know what causes eczema, but we have figured out trends in the disease and ways to manage it.   Eczema tends …

Constipation, stomach

Constipation in children

What is a normal amount of times for a child to have a bowel movement per day? What is considered normal is different for every age! Babies often have more than four bowel movements per day, and by age two, most children will have one soft but solid bowel movement per day. Every child is …

Allergies, Food Allergies

What you need to know about food allergies

Let’s start with the basics – what is a food allergy? A food allergy is when a child’s body reacts to something that is usually not harmful. An allergic reaction can be triggered by eating or smelling a food the body is allergic to. A food allergy will usually happen quickly – think 1-5 minutes …


How to deal with headaches in children

Headaches are one of the most common medical complaints in children and teenagers. Although most headaches are nothing to worry about, they are unpleasant and they can inhibit your child from going about his or her daily life. 4 easy things you can do to help your child feel better 1) Get them to drink lots …

Bug Bite, Insect, Mosquito

What to do if your child gets an insect sting or bite

You’re on a walk with your family and- ouch! Something stings your little one! Insect stings hurt and can be very scary.  Though they can usually be managed at home, it is good to become familiar with the different types of insect stings and bites, and when it is an emergency. First – Remove the Stinger …


How to know if a fever is something worse

What is a fever? A fever is an abnormal increase in body temperature to 100.4 F or above.  Fevers in children can be very scary for parents, but they are a sign of a healthy body fighting an infection. It is rarely dangerous and cannot cause any damage to the brain. What Causes a Fever? Most …