5 ways to get picky eaters to drink their milk

5 ways to get picky eaters to drink their milk

Dr. Lyndsey Garbi, Pediatrician

Posted Januray 11th, 2018

Despite their palate, picky eaters still need to get their daily nutrition. Calcium, one of the main vitamins found in milk, is not only critical for bone growth, but also for your child's heart, muscles, and nerves to function properly. But what if your picky eater doesn't like to drink milk? Here are a few ways to make them love it:


1. Sneak it in with Fruit Smoothies

If your kids love fruit, smoothies can be the perfect way to mask milk in a tasty, colorful way. It's especially good on a hot summer's day!

My kids' favorite is strawberry; it mixes really well with milk too, so it's even more tasty with it!


2. Change up the Delivery

Sometimes it is the way something is given that affects how your kid will respond. Using crazy straws or fun glasses can help, but so can games! "Who can get the biggest milk mustache?" is a hit in our family.

You can also take advantage of your child's natural desire to play: sometimes I warm up the milk and give it a bit of a froth on top to make it look like my cappuccino in the morning. This makes drinking milk a shared activity, and my kids are able to mimic me. If they've been especially good, I'll sprinkle in some cocoa powder as well!


3. Fruit+Milk Lollipops!

Just like with the fruit smoothies, you can freeze a mixture of fruit and milk together to make a fruit/milk lollipop. A tasty treat and a great alternative to ice cream!


4. Milkshakes

Everyone deserves a treat every now and then - while not a good option every day, milkshakes can be an extra special treat! Just make sure you don't go overboard with using this option. Choose to add fruit when possible to your child's milkshake.


5. Don't forget: Drink milk yourself!

Kids will always want to do what you're doing - if you're not drinking milk, then they won't do it either! Have a glass of milk and show them by example how good it is.



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